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Control quality

Protocol and standard alignment by design

Improve productivity

Minimizing personnel effort and cohort study complexity
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Increase intelligence

Efficiently collect, store and analyse the data leveraging medical statistics

What do we know about vaccines and therapeutics?


  • Effectiveness of drugs being developed and tried to treat COVID-19 patients
  • Methods evaluating potential complication of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) in vaccine recipients.
  • Evaluate risk for enhanced disease before and after vaccination
  • Develop animal models and standardize challenge studies

Advanced Analytics

Automatic generation of research reports to support new findings by performing appropriate statistical tests

Longitudinal study of vaccinated population


Longitudinal monitoring of non-vaccinated population after disease


Data on potential risks factors: Co-infections (determine whether co-existing respiratory/viral infections make the virus more transmissible or virulent) and other co-morbidities


Transmission dynamics of the virus, including the basic reproductive number, incubation period, serial interval, modes of transmission and environmental factors


Proactive management and effective planning of the clinical trial

Patient Explorer COHORT designer for querying and engagement based on clinical data and participant’s attributes

Interoperability with third-party systems and access in different standardized EHR data formats based on OMOP CDM.

Modes of communicating with target high-risk populations (elderly, health care workers) with automatic appointment scheduling and reminders

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