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Zentrix joins DIGIT project: Blockchain for the traceability of the mining industry

jelena - April 18, 2023 - 0 comments

The mining industry, which dates back thousands of years, has provided the world with the raw materials needed to develop economies and communities. The sustainability of mining, and the impact on the environment is a hot topic, due to the impact such activities have on the environment. The advocacy for the data traceability of the mining activities is a must, and can be done only by involving all responsible actors.

Zentrix Lab has joined as a partner in the EU-funded project Dig_IT, addressing the needs of the mining industry to move towards a human-centered, environmentally oriented and society-driven approach. We are committed to using IOTA Protocol to achieve traceability in the mining industry by collecting and writing all data into Distributed Ledger Technology.

Zentrix role in the project

Zentrix’s work on the project will focus on providing a secure and trusted data layer that will allow sharing data across organizations in the mine industry, their supply chains and finally the public. At the moment, for the supply chain domain, Zentrix has already developed its own traceability solution based on a blockchain that includes Decetralised Identities and Secure encrypted data layer anchored with the Blockchain. Company has a number of data collection, processing and visualisation solutions developed for different verticals that are a good fit for the traceability components needed in the DIG_IT where a significant amount of data needs to be collected and stored in the Blockchain.

In scope of blockchain development, Blockchain department of the Zentrix Lab has a number of web 3.0 projects in its portfolio, including utility tokens and stable coin, NFT Marketplaces, as well as other technical projects ongoing (Gaming industry) using different Blockchain protocols. 

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